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How to effectively communicate through video marketing today.

We offer a wide range of services related to film production.



  • Concept development: I assist you in structuring your ideas and developing them into a viable concept
  • Scriptwriting: The foundation for a successful production
  • Production: I take care of the entire production process and ensure that everything runs smoothly
  • Post-production: Editing, sound mixing and overall enhancement of your video- all done by (me)
  • Self-made: You want to produce your own video but don’t know where to start? I am available for consultation.

Olympic Boxing New Generation Rheintal

Teaser for the 2020 opening of the Rhine Valley boxing club OLYMPIC BOXING NEW GENERATION in Balgach SG.

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Docu - Back to life

Burnout, depression, loss of control… How I found my way back to life and became happy.

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Not so long ago when there was that time that will probably stay in our memories for a forever…

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woods back to the Roots

What if a short film is needed, for example for an upcoming development, but it does not yet exist? Solution: A well thought out mood clip.

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Event - Domus AG

The launch of Domus Studio in the historic center of St. Gallen was a tremendous triumph. Highlight of the event was the apartment of the Wehrle family.

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image clip - bischi Bikes

Even image clips can sometimes have a full impact without any words. Here is a video showcasing the talented bike designer Christof Bischof.

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Gerald Joehri with the Master himself, H.R. Giger

About me...

I was born sometime in the last century in Graz (Styria), raised in Feldbach (also in Styria), and have been living in Eastern Switzerland for many, many moons, blah blah blah… no one cares…

My journey in the world of images began many years ago as a photographer. Strictly speaking, even as a little boy. Photography will always remain an integral part of my life, although no longer really in the commercial sector.

But if you have been a passionate cineaste since childhood and later on in life, you get to meet one of your biggest idols – in my case, Academy Award winner H.R. Giger (February 5, 1940 – May 12, 2014) – and even get to work with him, then it’s all over for you. You want to produce films with a lot of passion for the rest of your life!


a tiny tiny excerpt of my photographic work.

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